Surgery in Vail

My daughter Stephanie recently had hip surgery at the Steadman clinic in Vail. What can I say, she has a good medical insurance policy. My wife Vivian, Stephie, and I arrived on the 26th of January for the programmed procedure on the 29th. My son in law Jorge accompanied us.

Needless to say, we were all worried sick. Everything turned out great! Stephie is currently in her second week of physical therapy, which is extremely important, and recovering quickly.

My son in law and I decided to release some of the stress of the ordeal, headed to the nearest friendly neighborhood ski rental shop, and hit the slopes.

The mountain was almost empty on our first day. The snow was a bit icy but nice. We took time to warm up, test our abilities, and take some pictures. This is me on the left and Jorge on the right. Handsome devil aren’t I? 🙂

After skiing we hit the town :

I spent some quality time with my beautiful wife Vivian and some of the folks in town, all the time reassuring her that everything would turn out ok.

Material life has its ups and downs, but there is nothing wrong with experiencing a bit of up when the chips are down.

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