A Visit to the Mountains

I love the mountains! The spectacular views and the sound of its rivers remind me how wondrous our planet is. Their height makes me feel closer to God and creation.

It’s no wonder that John Denver was able to compose such beautiful music under their influence. May he rest in peace.

Gore Creek, a tributary of the Eagle River, winds downward through nearby towns.

The snow reminds me that the same things that can cause joy can also be the source of pain. Rainfall in the desert, for example, would be considered a boon by its thirsty inhabitants, but a snow storm can wreak havoc in our crowded cities. Fire, under control, helps us cook and heat our food but, out of control, it can burn our homes and put our lives in danger. A small child is cause for great joy to its parents, until it gets sick and brings pain and worry. This is the duality of material nature.

Our brain has two hemispheres and perceives things in pairs: love and hate, heat and cold, light and darkness, etc. This is why we can sometimes come to hate those we love. Love and hate are on the same vertical, like a sliding light switch.

In the end it all boils down to our state of mind, this is why we should always strive to improve the quality of our thoughts. There is a simple meditation technique that can show you how to control your thoughts instead of having them control you. Our brain is an organ and, just like any other organ in our body, it has a function. The brain’s function is to think! Unfortunately our brain doesn’t always show us positive and constructive ideas, sometimes it produces thoughts that stress and worry us. The trick is to let the bad thoughts simply pass by.

The meditation technique that I mentioned before is called “Breathing Meditation.” All you have to do is sit straight in a comfortable chair and lay your hands on your knees. Then join the index finger and the thumb of each hand making the Chin Mudra or “Gesture of Consciousness.” This will allow energy to flow freely through your body.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose, and focus on the breathing. Thoughts and ideas will appear in your mind, simply let them pass by. Do not focus your attention on any one thought or you will lose your concentration. If this happens, go back to focusing on your breathing. Try this for 10 minutes everyday and soon you will begin to notice some interesting changes.

Until next time šŸ™‚

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