Xcaret Mexico

My wife and I recently visited the Xcaret development project in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is part of the Mayan Riviera and the hotel is only three years old. I’m happy to report that we had a wonderful time! The hotel is expensive but all-inclusive, that means you not only get all the food and drink your body can take, but the amenities as well. The hotel is spectacular, I will be featuring several pictures of the installations on this blog for your reference. The amenities include a private protected beach, a visit to the world famous cenotes (natural sinkholes), a visit to XCaret park with over 200 acres of things to see, XelHa which is a private inlet where you can safely snorkel and view a variety of sea creatures, XPlor with a jeep trek which I don’t recommend, a zip-line which I haven’t tried, and 800 yards of a cavernous adventure (I recommend the one in Xcaret instead of this one). At XCaret park they have a show every evening except Sundays (due to the pandemic) which features a taste of Mexican folklore from a wide variety of states. Watch out for black scorpions in the seating area, they won’t kill you but the sting is very painful! Xochimilco which is a take on the original in Mexico City featuring food, drink, dancing, and mariachis. Xenses which will put your brain to the test. XPlor Fuego which was closed for Covid-19 when we were there. Always try to reserve in advance.

Following are some pictures of our adventure which you might find interesting:

Helicopter view of the entire hotel
A view from a cave near the private beach at the XCaret Hotel
Night view of one of multiple swimming pools at the hotel
A short video from the night show at Xcaret Village.
Spectacular waterfall at Xcaret Village
Pathway to one of the Cenotes
Entrance to one of the four cenotes we visited you have to rappel down

The water is cold, but invigorating! Said our tour guide. Really sweet person, I must say.

3 thoughts on “Xcaret Mexico

    • Hi Denise, I think if you visit Xcaret the must see item on your agenda should be a visit to the cenotes. This adventure requires some physical stamina, but not really that much. You will have to walk, swim, ride down a zipline, and even rappel. They won’t force you to do anything, but if you don’t you will be missing out on the experience. Another “must see and experience” is the swim down the channels at Xcaret. The water is cold!

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      • Thank you for the advice!!
        The cenotes in Tulum was something we were looking at. Absolutely with the ziplining and rappelling.
        I have to look into the swim down the channels. Have not read of that.
        My only question now is how is everything affected by covid??!!
        Since I replied the wedding has been called off bc of covid reasons. Half the guests backing out. My son & fiancé due to move to London in April, its completely being canceled for at least another year. We’re still taking the trip bc hard to tell what the future holds. It will be an adventure for certain!! Only one much different than originally planned.
        Thank you again for the advice!!

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