Have you noticed how many terrible things are happening around the world: natural disasters, terrorist attacks, shootings, corruption, immorality, a decaying ecosystem, unethical hackers, criminals, and more…

I just finished writing and editing my new book B.R.A.I.N which tries to explain why our entire planet is upside down. Following is a brief description of my novel:

It is the 22nd century, the year 2108 to be specific.  The robotic revolution began decades ago.   In spite of impressive technological advances, planet Earth is in serious trouble.   The warning signs had been evident for over a century, but few people cared.   Now the situation is grave, Earth is on the verge of ecological collapse.  The world must act quickly and decisively or thousands of species will perish, including the human race.

For many years the US government has been supplying a massive database with all human knowledge, from the beginning of time to date.   Eric Roberts, a hotshot programmer with spiritual tendencies, Liz Kolmann, a young, beautiful, and talented neuroscientist, and the government join forces to develop the most advanced organic AI (artificial intelligence) computer, in the hopes that it will help stop and possibly reverse the damage.   The government, however, has a secret agenda.  Can B.R.A.I.N find a solution?  If so, will the world accept what has to be done? A series of twists lead Liz and Eric to a battle for survival, a search for their very essence, and the true cause of mankind’s predicament.

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